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by aronca91 on 14 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Holey Ship! is a couch co-op game where two players attempt to survive enemy attacks and save their sinking boat as a pair of pirates chained together.

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Holey Ship! is a couch co-op game of chaotic two-pirate action. Trapped on a sinking ship under attack, you must work together to survive. Hopefully the bonds of your friendship are as strong as the chain connecting you together.

Why Create This Game?

Holey Ship! is the final project of a small team of 4 students from Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program. We’re currently ramping up to expand this game into a fully realized indie title ready for release. During development the goal was to create chaos between the players, using the unique mechanic of a physical restraint limiting their movement.

Gameplay Features

- Mayhem on the Sea - With their ship under attack and no land in sight, players must think quickly to solve problems and stay afloat.

- Keep Moving - More and more enemies are on their way, so there’s no time for a sea shanty.

- Chained Together - Coordinating efforts is key, but the other player may be as much of an obstacle as the booty scattered across the deck.

Gameplay video


Stealing the ship seemed like such a great idea last night. But now you and your fellow mate are awake, the rum has worn off, and all the other pirates are really mad. Mad enough to try to sink the ship you’re on without even saying hello!

Luckily you have a friend. Not so luckily, the chain you both drunkenly tripped over and got your legs locked into last night is still there. But as cannonballs bust holes in the hull, you have bigger problems to worry about.

The only way to survive this is to work together!

Environment Design

The game is split between two floors of the boat: the deck and the hold. Players have access to both floors at any time, and each has unique tasks and interactable items key to keeping the ship afloat. Moving between the floors and tasks is key to keeping on top of the chaos.

Characters Design

Players will control one of two pirates: Henry Barnacles or Finley Flynn.

Just like his father, Henry Barnacles joined a pirate crew as soon as he could clean a deck. He became an infamous scoundrel, and made his father proud. Proud, but also very angry, since one of the many things he stole was his father’s ship.

Finley Flynn has spent most of his life pillaging and drinking on pirate ships. Well, mostly drinking. He is a big fan of afternoon naps, treasure, and rum. Finley is not known as the smartest or wisest pirate. He is also rather stubborn, and refuses to ever admit his best mate Henry was right about, well, anything. Especially when he is.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Development team:

Amirsalar Solimani – Programming, Tools Creator, Implementation

Andrea Ronca – Project Manager, Game Designer, Level Designer

Sophie Tao– 2/3D Artist, Animations, Logo Design

Filippo Tesei  – Level Arti, Visual Effects, Rigging

Sound Design:

Francois Huber - Audio Lead | Sound Designer

Eddie Hous - SFX | Sound Designer

Joe Butzier - Dialogue | SFX

Dan Murray - Music | UI

Mattia Lorini - Foley | BG’s

Special thanks to:

Zachary Pope - Story Writer

Aldo Vasquez, Ronald Kamanga & Erik Hernandez

Vancouver Film School and all the amazing staff!

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