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VFX Compositing Demo Reel - Connor Harris

VFX Compositing Demo Reel - Connor Harris

Connor Harris
by connorharris on 27 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am so excited to enter my VFX Compositing Reel for Rookie Awards 2021! I have always seen visual effects as a medium of storytelling. A vast majority of movies today would not be able to be made without visual effects. With my training, I hope to bring joy to others through visual effects across the world. Thank you!

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Actor Replacement - Breaking Bad

I am a huge fan of the Breaking Bad TV series so it only seemed fair to select a scene from it for my Actor Replacement project! This was a challenging shot to complete but it allowed me to demonstrate my paintout, green screen keying, and color correction skills. 

Screen Burn In

In film and TV series, most of the time the screens that you see actors using are replaced by visual effects. From the insane holographic images to a simple screen burn-in of a cellphone, visual effects help move the story forward. Even more so, create an immersive world that helps enhance the realism of the film or TV's universe. Here, I apply the same skills used in movies to change the screen on the panels on the plate below. 

Digi-Make Up

I always set my vision for visual effects to be photo-real. If the compositor does this right, the audience will never know that anything was done to that shot. Although photo-realism in visual effects to the audience is under-appreciated, I believe I have done my job right as a Compositor if the audience truly believed everything in the shot was real. In this shot, I wanted to make the digital make-up as realistic as possible while showing a story of a possessed Viking warrior. I also removed some of the background that may take away from the story.

Material Girl - Paint Out

Many think that green screen is all that it takes for a shot to look as it does. However, it takes much more than just putting a plate behind an individual for it to look real. In this project, I painted out the person inside the suit to portray an invisible demon. I had to recreate the background behind the green mask and legs as well as the inside of the suit. 

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