Connor Harris
Connor Harris

Connor Harris

  United States

To Become a Compositing Lead at a visual effect studio working on award-winning feature film and TV series.

After I would watch a cool movie like Star Wars that I knew couldn’t exist in real life, I would always be so fascinated as to how the illusion of a visual effect was made. As I got older, I realized visual effects wasn’t just a bunch of computer scientists typing in 1’s and 0’s until a final image came out, it was an art form that anybody with a passion for could pursue. After this realization, I decided that I wanted to help bring the same feelings I had to people across the world.

Learning: Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

Expertise: Visual Effects

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Compositor at Ingenuity Studios Inc.
Los Angeles, California | Nov 2020 -

Current Education

Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects
Class of 2020