The Rookies Rebelway challenge
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The Rookies Rebelway challenge

by Ralomar on 2 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

This is the first version of the ground RBD simulation for The Rookies Rebelway challenge.

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Update - 8 Feb 2021

This is an update on my rbd simulation as well as an idea I have for the beginning of the shot. The honeycomb looking wall is just a placeholder for the actual effect I will be creating, kind of a transportation thing where our hero is in one place and transports to the area where the monster fight will take place.

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Update - 8 Feb 2021

This is an update on my current shot. I have worked a little bit on the environment and the shaders, as well as the blast from our hero as my bigger simulations are being cached. I have also worked on a vellum simulation to create spit coming from the Hydra's mouth.

Update - 2 Feb 2021

Version 01 of the ground RBD simulation.