SciFi Cyber Kombi
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SciFi Cyber Kombi

Kombi design that pulls influence from cyberpunk, Tron, and futuristic concept cars. Background 360 Image from Manhattan Nights Vol. 1 by NSCR

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Update - 23 Dec 2020

Final SciFi Cyber Kombi - Flat Background

Final SciFi Cyber Kombi - Full background from Manhattan Nights Vol. 1 by NSCR

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Update - 18 Dec 2020

I was able to get the final touches like the interior lighting and side decals. Small renders are up but I am now in the process of rendering larger images for the final entry.

Update - 16 Dec 2020

Today's update was primarily to the hubcaps. I worked out a fix to the wind shield HUD and then added an inset light to the hubcaps. I chose to make the hubcap lights match the turn signals and brake lights to help tie those back into the rest of the design.

Update - 15 Dec 2020

Today was a fun update. I made a HUD and added some extra lighting for the sides and bottom of the van. The windshield was giving me a few issues since the glass thickness was messing with the opacity of the HUD icons. I was able to get it working for these renders but I may go back to tweak it so I can get some better renders from the inside of the van looking out.

Update - 12 Dec 2020

I was able to do some work on the bumpers and the wheel rims. Almost ready to go back through and add more details throughout the van.

Update - 11 Dec 2020

Quick update for this morning. Did a few paint color tweaks and added the base for the rear view mirrors.

Update - 11 Dec 2020

Got through a decent amount of the base materials. Still more adjustments to make moving forward though. I also put together an alternate lighting setup that plays with some heavy neon lighting.

Update - 11 Dec 2020

Update - 11 Dec 2020