Eddie the Crooner
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Eddie the Crooner

First entry into Eddie the Robot texturing comp!

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Update - 19 Sep 2020

Starting to look and the arms and legs, and how to tie it all together :) 
This is pretty rough paintwork at the moment and will require a bit of refinement. 

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Update - 16 Sep 2020

Another mini update: 

Found creating his eyes a little challenging, the design is borrowed from some old Bosch vintage headlights, I liked that the design emulated pupils, especially with the reflection of the HDRI I am using. Here they are so far!
Metallic Material + Normal/Height detail + Emission (using quite a few layers to build up a fake light)

Will add a bit of wear and tear shortly :)

Update - 13 Sep 2020

Tiny update: Microphone ears!

Having a play around with this concept using alphas.

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Update - 12 Sep 2020

Just a small update:
I've been working on the body of Eddie, as it's a fairly crucial part of him to get right. 
Given that his construction is built more like a vintage Buick, I had to be logical about placement of seams and panels. I chose to follow the creases in the geometry, and layout my panel like the hood of a car.
Exploring the idea of a hood ornament tie was not achieving decent results, and I've felt more comfortable painting out his tuxedo as if you would with race car stripes. I'm not sold on it, but I think it's heading in the right direction :)

I'm conscious of ultimately adding in colour IDs to make my paintwork more precise, as this is hand-painted  ( + lazy mouse and symmetry) - which means reworking a chunk of it, but I've had fun in the creative process thus far!

Update - 8 Sep 2020

This is my first entry into the Eddie Robot texturing comp. 
H'oo-boy I'm nervous. Is it warm in here? 

I've spent the last day brainstorming a concept that honours the awesome model created, but also tells a story. I'm leaning towards Eddie being a bit of a Crooner character, inspired in part by none other than the Fallout Universe. So there's inspiration from the 40s/50s - with a black/white colour palette (keeping it classy) and materials sourced from the cars of that era. 

I'm leaning towards a Fallout-esque Dystopia to give the model a lot more character and interest (grunge! dust! scratches!), but we'll see how we go :)

Here's just a quick few renders seeing how the palette looks under different lighting with a generic smart material. 

- T

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