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My entry to the Substance Texturing Challenge.

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Update - 28 Sep 2020

I added some grime and dirt, gave him a headdress (of sorts), added damage to the skin on the back, and a charging plug port. I also added some more height detail on the feet.

I plan on adding emissive details to the legs and the exposed machinery on the back.
I also want to refine the creases on the headdress to make it look more natural.

The progress so far.

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Update - 21 Sep 2020

I added some damage to the frog skin to reveal machinery underneath. I got rid of the belt because I didn't like the look of it and it would have covered some of the machinery detail. I then added a battery pack on his back. I like the emissive details because they give the character some depth/story.
I changed the color of the arms and legs to get a little more contrast between the body and the limbs.

I plan on adding details to the back, the head, and the feet.

I found a fix for my rendering problem: before the Subdivision Mode was set to "Edge Length", now I changed it to "Uniform" and everything works fine.

The progress so far.

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Update - 14 Sep 2020

This last week I worked on the eyes, added some detail to the body, and started on the limbs.

I have been encountering a rendering problem though: Whenever I have displacement enabled Iray gets stuck on warm-up. I'm going to have to find a fix for that.

I plan on adding more little details to the legs, the head, and the body.

Update - 7 Sep 2020

I started by applying some materials to the model to get some inspiration. I kept coming back to the "Creature Skin Green Smooth" material because Eddie's eyes reminded me of a frog.

After that, I created my reference board using PureRef.

I plan on making the limbs robotic, hence the robot part, welding and rust references.