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Colonel Panic

Colonel Panic

A game about shooting your way through various computers, amassing a small army of drones on your way.

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In Colonel Panic, you are the virus

You play as a computer virus, with the mission to destroy the computer's antivirus before it destroys you. You jump from computer to computer, blasting your way through hordes of components, bits, and bytes.

As you keep destroying computer after computer, you collect the scraps to amass your own little army of helper drones! Your drones aid you in bringing ruination to your foe, and they are yours to command. With the right stick or arrow keys, you can command your swarm.

The computer will fight back, and as you progress further into the wiring of the machine, the mother modem will become enraged and attack! Beware its lasers and quarantine launchers!

Play Colonel Panic here!

The game was created in 8 weeks halftime at The Game Assembly. Our team consisted of 6 programmers, 2 level designers, 2 animators and 3 artists. 

We took heavy inspiration from the games Gradius and Lifeforce, even to the point to where our working title was Vertical Gradius for a while. That aside, we took great joy in developing this game, as it was a theme that we hadn't really tried before. As it is a shoot 'em up game, it was tempting to make it a space game like most shmup games, but we managed to find a theme that felt original and we were excited about.

Fun fact! Our group name is PotatisPatrullen, which is swedish for Potato Patrol. It all started over a feud over which potato was the best, regular potato, or sweet potato. In the end, regular potato won.

This game was the third game we made at our school, and in every project we learn more and more.

This was the first game that was made entirely using our schools own engine, Tga2D. It's a really... interesting engine, where we are actually supposed to tweak some of the source code in order to learn how it's like to develop your own engine (something we will eventually do, as programmers).

We also actually managed to sneak in the konami code into our game... let's see if you can find it!

Edit Hansson
Henrik Hedström
Jens Berg
Joel Petersson Klevje
Jonas Krantz
Rémi Mrozek

Level Design
Mirelle Eriksson
Robin Jansson

Carl Sjölander
Elin Carlström

Alvin Johnsson
Erik Quinn
Sara Fjellstedt

Jonathan Jägerstedt

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