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Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys

Space cowboys is a free for all, side-scroller couch game. The game involves from 2 up to 4 characters that have to try and escape from space by fueling up an escape before they get killed by a black hole.

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About us

For 12 weeks the devs and artists of our year at DAE Howest joined forces. The objective was to create a unique video game from start to finish. Our first group project of this kind. And oh boy it was a journey!


Robin De Paepe - LinkedIn

Quinten Bastin


Julia Platenkamp

Sabrina Rodrigues Maia

Magdalena Bock

Key features

- Procedural planet generation (see video below)

- Black holes

- Lasso to steal and pick up packages

- Fast-paced and fun co-op couch game

Interested in our weekly progresses? Check out the devlogs in the link below.

Click here to download the game.


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