SR Motion Designer

SR Motion Designer

Sergio Rincon
by srincon on 20 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Compilation of projects made between 2019 and 2020 during an MA in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

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SR Logo animation

Animations of my personal logo (Cinema 4D - Houdini - After effects)

Motion Captures Simulations

Personal projects done by combining motion capture with particle animation in Cinema 4d and Houdini.

Google Cloud Logo Animation

This project was done in my internship in Creative Technology San Francisco for a Google Cloud internal video.

CT Logo Animation

This project was done in my internship in Creative Technology San Francisco.

Different fragments join to form the CT Logo. The intention was to make it look very cinematic in order to use it as an intro in the Company's new reel.

Particle Dance

Particle simulations that move to the rhythm of a breakdancer animation. This project was made entirely in Houdini.


Videoclip create under the premise, what if for some strange reason the buildings, the houses, and the lights of the city come alive and begin to experience the music that I am listening to?

This video clip was a semi-finalist in the Sony Xperia Film Fest, included in the official selection in Villa de Leyva International Film Festival and Runner up in the VFX Short Category at the Academy of art Spring Awards 2020.

Lightning Bolts Sequence

I worked on this lightning bolts sequence at Studio X (Academy of Art internal studio) for the science fiction short film called “Mass Teleportation Authority,” by director Geoffrey Smeltzer.

This sequence was Winner in the VFX Compositing Category at the Academy of art Spring Awards 2020.

Graffiti composition

Graffiti animation over houses on a street in Bogotá, Colombia. This shot was runner-up in the VFX Composition category at the 2019 Spring Awards - Academy of art university

Hologram City

I added some holograms to a drone shot of San Francisco's Financial district

Clarion Alley 360 ° Graffiti Animation

Graffiti animation for VR devices

Art Design Category Spring Awards 2020

I made this graffiti animation to present the Art Design category at the Academy of art Spring Awards 2020.

Final Project Advanced Texture and Lighting (Maya - Arnold - Nuke)

I am responsible for the textures, shaders, lighting, and hair.

Container scene

Personal project that I made using Cinema 4d and X particles.

Ocean Simulation

Personal project made in Houdini and Nuke

Pie Splash

Pie splash simulation made in Houdini.

Dynamics Reel

Compilation of dynamics and particle simulations work. 

Motion Graphics Reel

Compilation of motion graphics work 

VFX Compositing Reel 2020

Compilation of VFX Compositing Work.

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