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Roe: Guardian of Gaia

Roe: Guardian of Gaia

Roe heard the call from Mother Gaia, the spirit of the forest. She was trapped and held captive by a colony of mechanical fire ants that desired to control and dominate the world. Roe knew what had to be done to save her beloved home.

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Created by a team of 9 new developers in just 14 weeks, join Roe as you jump, shoot, and dash your way through the mystical pacific northwest forest, up the top of the magic tree and save Gaia!

The Player

The Environment

Roe's Home

Tree of Gaia

Mystic Cave

Magic Tree Interior

Gaia's Idol

The Enemies

Melee "Soldier" Ant Variant

Ranged "Grenadier" Ant Variant

Swarm "Blitz" Ant Variant

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