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Helleren Norway - Lowpoly Diorama

Helleren Norway - Lowpoly Diorama

Kris Catteau
by kriscatteau on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Lowpoly scene made in the first year of Games Graphics Production at DAE, Digital Arts and Entertainment and also the first big scene i ever modeled. fully modeled in Maya, rendered in Blender

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This diorama was made as a final assignment for the first year course 3D1 at DAE Digital Arts and Entertainment. Before coming to DAE I had previously worked with Fusion 360 making models for 3D printing and had made some basic scenes in blender using models found online. At DAE I had my first real introduction to modeling and quickly became very passionate about Maya and modeling in general.

The assignment consisted of making a simple diorama with a few buildings, a minimum of 5 props, 1 vehicle and restricted the students to only using basic color and opacity maps. In the end I ended up with a total file size of 14 MB and 30k faces.

The two houses in the scene are modeled after 2 historic houses under the Helleren cliff located in Jøssingfjord Norway.

Here is the original Sketchfab upload which I handed in for school. Sketchfab limits you to being able to place a maximum of 3 lights, and on top of that the school task prohibited us from doing evening or night scenes. While I'm happy with the result I uploaded back then I felt the scene had more potential as a golden hour / early evening scene, so I revamped the lighting setup and rendered everything in blender for this contest.

Thanks you for having a look at my work and have a great day. :)

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