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Character projects from 2022 to 2023

Character projects from 2022 to 2023

Bixente SOULIÉ
by souliebix on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! I'm a young 3D Character artist who loves working on stylized pieces and is really passionate about game art! This is a showcase of the works I've realized during my formation at Artside with wonderful mentors!

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A lot of my works are still unrefined and lack multiple passes of polish, I still have plenty of things that i wanted to work a bit on.
But time goes on so instead of focusing too much on my past projects I decided that I would still like to show my current skills, hoping to post even better things next year!


3D Illustration made during a course at Artside using Zbrush, based on the awesome work of Dashiana!

The goal of this was to create a highpoly character and render it directly using Zbrush and a lot of compositing in Photoshop. The whole thing took 3 weeks, from highpoly sculpting to compositing.
This one was really fun! I really liked the design and dynamism of the shapes so i'm glad that I went with this character even if it was a bit early in the formation. It was a really cool challenge!

Thanks a lot to Hugo Aubert for his feedbacks!


Handpainted style character bust made during a course at Artside, based on the work of the awesome artist cao xiaojv!

The whole asset took around 3 weeks, from highpoly sculpting to texturing. Almost all of it is done procedurally inside of Substance Painter!
I really fell in love with this concept when it was presented and i'm happy about the result! The face and expression was definitely hard to translate in 3d!

Huge thanks to Julian Hoarau for his feedbacks!

Dwarven Sword

Painted real-time weapon made during a course at Artside, based on the work of the awesome artist Baldi Konijn!

The whole asset took 3 weeks, from 3D modeling to final handpainting. This was also my first time using 3DCoat, it was really fun! This was one of the first real-time course during the year, i learned a lot from this first project!

Huge thanks to Camille Delmeule and Romain Durand!


First entire Cartoon game ready character made during a course at Artside, based on the awesome concept of Nelnal🐌!

The whole asset took 5 weeks, from 3D modeling to final texturing. This was my first time making a decent fully complete game-ready character haha, Marion was a huge help and she really taught us many things!
Unfortunately i'm still missing the props that he should be holding and don't have too many renders of it.

Huge thanks to Marion Volpe for her feedbacks!

The end!

There's still so many things i wanted to fit in this post!
I hope that you liked what I presented, you will be able to see more of those polished work on my Artstation, and i leave you with a medley of the other works we have done during the year at Artside!

Hearthstone cardback: Fel by Christopher Hayes - Props course supervised by Camille Delmeule
Moon's Scythe by Mam BA - Face course supervised by Pierre-Alain Reymond, Hair course supervised by Andre Pires
Robot Concept by Fletcher Kinnear - Hardsurface course supervised by Pierrick Le Texier
Marvelous Designer course supervised by Charline Paul

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