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Ludivine Bellot - Game Art 2022/2023

Ludivine Bellot - Game Art 2022/2023

Ludivine Bellot
by LudivineBellot on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi everyone ! I'm Ludivine and this is a collection of characters I made during my last year of my Game Art master in New3dge between 2022 and 2023 !

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Hi everyone! I'm Ludivine, student at New3dge and this is my last year of master's program. Here, you can find all the projects school I've done this years. 
I want to specialize in chara, creature and texture artist.


It is a MOBA-type game in top-down perspective, inspired by Egyptian funerary mythology.

One arena. Two camps.
Each camp picks up feather to score in the opposite camp.
The winner is the team with most points.

Players embodies a fallen god, trapped in the Duat : the realm of the dead.
And each arena represent a different vision of the afterlife.

◈ About

The first challenge was to create a playable game demo on Unreal Engin 5, in 4 months from September and December 2022.
The second challenge for me was the integration, the chara tech and Handpaint style.

◈ Anubis

Anubis is a protective divinity of embalmers and necropolises.
He represents the role of distance mage

The most important in the realisation was to conserve the triangular shape of this divinity
I played with mage stereotype to design that why I decided to add various floating fabrics.

For this project, I created 4 smarts materials resuable for all the characters in PBR. These bases ensured constency in render. It's was the first time I work with a handpaint style! I really appreciate the technic. I need to find a mixte of artistic aspect and game contraints, including a 1024 texel density.

Concept rework by Eva Le Cocguen.

All the softwares I used: Zbrush, 3DS MAX, Adobe Substance Painter, Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag 4 and Unreal Ungine 5.

◈ The City of Karnak

It is a solo Third person of action-adventure, inspired by  Ancient Egyptian.

"The sinking Fire of Death has reached the soul of this place.
You must cleanse this evil, slay the Forsaken king and save us all.
I see that you are ready." 

The player incarnated Haytem, an explorer guided by a mysterious woman to free the cursed city.

◈ About

The first challenge was to create a playable game demo on Unreal Engin 5.1, in 5 months from January and May 2023.
The second challenge for me was the realistic style.

◈ The Forsaken King

The abandoned King is the head of the temple, the Fire of Death. Aggressive and powerful, he attacks with his septre and black magic invocations.

The concept of the character was made by Regin Wellander.
For the optimisation of time, we choiced to use the skeleton of Raphael Grassetti at a base mesh.
Armande Lecointre realised the topology and Uvs of the skeleton.

For this project I realised all smarts materials in PBR for the differences skeletons, to ensure constency in texture rendering and for the gestion of time.
I used a variety of techniques. Create a smart material in 100% on susbstance Painter, recycle a texture map of environment as a base and mixte Substance Designer and Painter. I need to find a balance of artistic aspect and game contraints, including a 1024 texel density.

All the softwares I used: Zbrush, 3DS MAX, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Substance Painter, Adobe Substance Designer, Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag 4 and Unreal Ungine 5.1.

◈ Thanks you for scrolling!

I hope you appreciate the travel with my two projects ! 

If you're interested to look up all the content of DUAT and The city of Karnak don't hesitate to check the rookies for these projects!

The City of Karnak

◈ Specials thanks

To the team of New3dge, there 5 years have been really decisif for me.
To all intervenants Arnaud Szobad, Paul Emile Boucher, Servane Altermatt, Adrien Lemoine, Adrien Simon, Mike-Amir EL FRANGI, Sophie Deschamps, Nicolas Rajohnson, Yannick Gombart, Charline Paul, Damien Brisson, Anthony Carmona and Deschamps Guillaume.
Without your tips and advices, my projets would be very different!

To my two team.
DUAT: Estelle Panel, Mélanie Khau, Eva Le Cocguen and Baya Bennedetti.
              Mickaël Floury, Nicolas Girou, Léo Zhang and Matthieu Panel.

The City of Karnak: Estelle Panel, Vincent D'andrea, Benjamin Kretschann, Jean-Jacques Dumas, Moheb Naguib, Armande Lecointre, Maxime Leroy and Léo Zhang.
To Regin Wellander for your amazing concept!

To Mark Kaczmarek and Angela Leblanc for share your voices!
To Anthony Damario for your musics!
To Fabien Crousillac for sound effects!

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