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Pink or Blue ?

Pink or Blue ?

by MelK on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

**Projects 2022 - 2023** Hi ! I'm Melanie and I'm an environment artist. I show you my works made during Master 2 Game Art at New3dge.

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Personal project 2023

At first, I really want to show you my personal work which I do in my free time !

I loved doing this project. It allowed me to put into practice what I learned in parallel at school specifically hand paint. I had a lot of fun and it was quite relaxing to do this in Unreal Engine 5.

Concept made by artbyjulia


This game was create on Unreal Engine 5. We had 5 months from January to May 2023.

I have the pleasure to present you the last work of my graduation project of New3dge, Aqua Heroes. I worked on this Project as an environment artist. I was the Environment artist who work on the TopCity above thes clouds. I was in charge of the modelization, the texturing and assembly.

In this game, a team of 4 children are fighting mechanical monsters who are invading the planet, with their favorite water weapons.

Our challenge on this project is to adapt a 2D concept to a 3D game ready. You can see my work and the concept given to me above.

I made the final texture of the ground when the boss die 

The texture of the ground was made on Substance Designer

I made some simple tech and specific shader for the door, lights and fans.

The wind and the trails was made with the same shader and is controlled with Niagara


This game is is a MOBA-type game in top-down perspective, inspired by Egyptian funerary mythology.

Our challenge was to create a playable game demo, on Unreal Engine 5. We had 4 months from September to December 2022.

I worked on this Project as an environment artist. I was the Environment artist who work on the arena called Nil Dam, my heavenly vision of the afterlife. I was in charge of the modelization, the texturing, natural ressources and assembly.

My social media 

Instagram : mel.khau

Artstation : Mélanie Khau 

Linkedin : Mélanie Khau

Mail : [email protected]

You can see the full project here :
☆  Aqua Heroes



AquaHeroes:  Henry Marie    Axel Daboineau   Raphael Banget Mossaz    Tiffany Le Thanh    Romain Hologne    Kenza El Mhaia  Leo Zhang

Concept Artist:  Kiara Leneuf    Cecilia LAPEZE    Antoine GADOUD    Romane Treluyer

Music:  Julien Azhar [email protected]

Animation:  Hugo Trénoras

Motion Design:  Céline Dang

Spécial Thanks:  Inès poulet

DUAT : Estelle Panel  Ludivine Bellot  Baya Benedetti  Eva Le Cocguen

Music: Anthony Damario

Special Thanks

To the team of New3dge, Mickaël Floury and Nicolas Girou for tips and advices that helped me progress.

To all intervenants Arnaud Szobad, Paul Emile Boucher, Servane Altermatt, Adrien Lemoine, Adrien Simon, Mike-Amir EL FRANGI, Sophie Deschamps, Nicolas Rajohnson, Yannick Gombart, Charline Paul, Damien Brisson, Anthony Carmona and Deschamps Guillaume.

Softwares used for theses projects :

☆ 3dsMax
☆ Zbrush
☆ Substance Painter
☆ Substance Designer
☆ Unreal Engine
☆ RizomUV
☆ Premiere Pro
☆ Marmoset 
☆ Photoshop

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