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Façade. Animation. Sculpting

Façade. Animation. Sculpting

Daria Volochai
by dariavolochai on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Facade project. Animation and Sculpting projects

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Facade project

The "Facade" project was a great opportunity to experiment. I wanted to combine simple elements in unexpected places and at the same time convey the temperament of the character who eats in this house

Different concepts of the house

Composition of the final illustration and light and color sketches

Various options for details of the house


I hope you enjoyed my hatter's story, so I look forward to your comments below! I am always happy for feedback.


Animation is my main specialization at ESMA school and my great passion.

This is one of my favorite exercises - reproducing emotions. The process of creating references for such tasks brings special pleasure. In this video, you can see the emotion of guilt and apology. Animated for ~2/3 weeks in Maya.
My main challenge was to deal with my love of making everything too cartoony (for example, creating too much bouncing in different body parts).

The next series of exercises was devoted to animals. After the teacher's explanations, I understood that the mechanics of animals is not much different from human mechanics, but it has their own nuances.
In the video, you can only see the dog walking and running, but now I continue to develop and train in the direction of animal animation and work on an air animation where the dog plays with a ball, jumps, and changes direction in which it moves many times.


The "cat" project was my first impulse to study anatomy in detail in the form of 3D sculpting. I felt that I did not have enough research on paper.

Moreover, it seems to me that this way I can quickly train my hand and move on to sculpting my own creatures and characters, which I am very interested in.

So, as in drawing, I started studying from the skeleton. It was important for me to understand the concept of animal joints and the trajectory of their limbs.

It was interesting to notice how the thickness and length of the bones differ depending on the type of animal. But one cannot fail to say that visually animals are divided into 2 types: predators and herbivores, which makes their skeletons monotonous. Having learned to sculpt the skeleton of a cat, you will be able to quickly open a bear or a dog.

I'm currently working on my character for a personal project (it's a stylized self-portrait). My goal is to practice rigging on this character, but I've had a lot of fun practicing sculpting the hair with various curve brushes. I also wanted to build the character's sneakers with the help of a ZModeler brush so that they had a smoother surface and the correct construction in parts. I paid special attention to the folds on the T-shirt and pants because I wanted to get a realistic effect.

Thank you for viewing my projects! If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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