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Rookie Awards 2023 | Sophie Almecija 3D Game Art Showcase

Rookie Awards 2023 | Sophie Almecija 3D Game Art Showcase

Sophie Almecija
by SophieAlmecija on 2 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone, i'm pleased to present the various projects i was able to produce during my training at Artside as an Environment Artist. I am passionate about artistic directions, which pushes me to realized realistic and stylized projects.

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Temple of Pandora

I decided to challenge myself in producing an epic environment with a full Nanite workflow in Unreal Engine 5.

100% of my work is textured in engine without UVs with/thanks to a really powerful master material shader that I have created (with some other features like RVT etc). No retopology, uv, or baking. Globally I use vertex bake in the RGBA channels of the meshes (which were sculpted in Zbrush). It’s a very innovative workflow.

Original concept by Vladimir Manyukhin.

Everything is rendered in Unreal Engine 5, using Lumen.

Lost Cave

I was able to discover Unreal Engine and Substance Designer thanks to this project. I did my own design in Photoshop. I was inspired by the theme of the Jungle, and the atmosphere of several films like Jurassic Park or Jumanji.

Stylized Fisher House

I was very inspired by the concept created by Etienne Beylot, which is based on the Darksburg Artistic Direction (by Shiro Games Studio).

This project inspired me to create a Stylized Fishing Net Material.

I had a lot of fun doing this project. I was also given the opportunity to write an article about it, on 80 Level, about my process of creating stylized materials.

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