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The Ol' Switcheroo

The Ol' Switcheroo

Elias Ander
by askelias on 24 Apr 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Change is hard, but nothing good ever comes from easy. Bridging the gap between Architectural and Automotive has brought me to a fantastic place. Where creativity and joy combine, I find my work.

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Driving Force

Being a complete car nut and enthusiast for everything with wheels, it was as natural for me to switch from Architecture to Automotive as it was seamless. Working on exciting projects, moving abroad, and then back home again left little time for personal projects.

Being able to pivot into automotive has been a major driving factor for my motivation, to keep on exploring, pushing my own and my hardware limit, and to never stop learning.

Large parts of what I learned during last year's internship are reflected in this project.


Perfecting the Porsche 959.

Able to reach a whopping 317 km/h in 1986, the Porsche 959 was - and still is - a crazy and impressive achievement courtesy of Gruppe B. It never came to race in that discipline due to FIA deeming it too dangerous. 

But the all-wheel-drive 959 coped effortlessly with the wide-ranging conditions of the Paris Dakar. The venture ended with a one-two victory for René Metge/Dominique Lemoyne and Jacky Ickx/Claude Brasseur. In fact, a third 959, only really intended as a support vehicle, finished the race in sixth place.

The fantastic model of the Porsche 959 in this small project is from WhireWheelsClub.

(free version, without textures).

To get to the level of detail I aimed for I remodeled large parts of the interior, rigged it manually, and recreated all of the textures and bitmaps from scratch.
(Apart from the leather, which is bought from 

TyFlow Terrain Operators + P* 3

A quick test to see what's possible with the new Terrain Operators in TyFlow. 100% Procedural CGI Environment entirely made with TyFlow — car CAD from Hum3D.

Thank you for looking through my entry! 

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