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Foreau Bastien - Showreel 2022

Foreau Bastien - Showreel 2022

Bastien Foreau
by bastienforeau on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi Guys! Here is a part of my work done for this last year at New3DGE on our final year project: EONIA, Hope you will like it!

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Here is some of the work I've done on the Eonia Project, the final year project I've worked with my mates : Amaury Renard, Axel Leparmentier, Carina Loiseau, Eloise Fontimpe, Jason Mathieu, Pauline Furon and Kilian Vandenhende at New3DGE Art School

That was kind of an intense project but we are really proud of the result we have achieved 

Hope you'll like it ! 

                                                                   Concept done by :

            Cyprien Rousson   -   Robin Costet   -   Tanguy Macq   - Clément Legouini

I was in charge of the Modeling/Texturing/Sculpting/Rigging of these mechanical warriors

One of the main Constraint was to make them able to receive MOCAP that was done for the movie and to make it match well with their skeletons

The Animations were cleaned by Jason Mathieu and Eloise Fontimpe

Here is the Leviathan, the spaceship of the protagonist of our movie, I was in charge of the Modeling/Sculpt/Texture/Rig/Anim of this dude

I wanted for this ship to have some freedom for the animation, i tried to give him by the way he looks and it was rigged a kind of a draconic aspect, to make him move like a beast to give it a personnality

The lantern is the key of a seal, an artifact that fly and protect a little flame 

Here are some of the shots I have made for the movie EONIA, I was in charge of a part of the Modeling and of the RIG/Sculpt/Texturing/Compositing of these environments





I wanted to thank all the people I met during these years at New3DGE Art School, my friends, the teachers, all the staff, it was a real pleasure to do this adventure with you all !

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