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"D.R.E.W" is a looping short film about the daily life of a Delusional, Robotic, Engineering Wizard and his companion Susan. This is the Drew team's first group project together and we look forward to developing more on this IP in the future. Hope you like it!

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Story - D.R.E.W - Delusional Robotic Engineering Wizard

In a city where robots are considered low class and are expected to be perfect, on the first day of his job, Drew was thrown into the junkyard due to a tiny malfunction. When Drew woke up, he did his job and started to repair things. Out of all the things in the junkyard, there was one weird object that caught his eyes.

A comic book that boasted tales about wizardry, magic and product placement which made his robotic brain haywire with curiosity and he began to research wizard behaviors, chants and energy drinks in the only way he knew how- with science and engineering.

Susan is Drew’s companion after his attempt on trying to create a familiar backfired and instead created a very down-to-earth Susan. Susan deals with Drew’s day-to-day shenanigans and is the realist of the two. They are polar opposites but still treat each other as respected siblings.

Compositing in Nuke:
1. Lighting Grayscale
2. Colour
3. Merged(1+2) and Matte Paint
4. Colour Grade via Cryptomatte and Volumetric Lighting
5. Zdepth and Rim Lighting Pass

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