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by Tparris1 on 9 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My work on the senior thesis Scythe. I was responsible for the visual development, modeling, texturing, lighting, and set dressing of 5 areas of the game. I had the pleasure of working with the talented Colin Mitchell and Gordon Hall who were responsible for their own respective areas of the game.

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Scythe takes place deep inside of a bioweapon facility that uses toxic plant matter to create its weapons. Invective Inc. plans to unleash a nuclear weapon to rid the world completely. Your mission as a reprogrammed cyborg is to sneak in and disable the weapon to save the planet from extermination.

The start to my area of the game is a hallway that leads to the security room.

The security room is where the workers receive their data chip cards for their everyday shift. There's also a seating area in which they can look and admire the toxic plants they use to fuel their bioweapons. 

This hallway contains the lockers that belongs to the workers of the facility. It connects the security room to the armory.

The Armory, where all of their weapons and ammo is stored safely. The cryochamber in this shot contains Invectives most prized weapon, the Scythe laser cutter.

This shot is a side room inside of the armory where the assault rifles and ammunition is stored.

The Scythe Laser Cutter. An item that the character acquires inside of the armory. It's main purpose is to be able to slice through any object no matter what the material it's made of. This weapon will be in the hands of the player character in order to slice through a reinforced door to get to the core of the facility.

A personal project of recreating the Dark Saber. My goal of this project was to increase my hard surface skills by studying all the details of the saber. I wanted to recreate the saber that the Mandalorian would use while implementing my own artistic choices in a few areas.

Video capturing the blade material done inside of Unreal 4.

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