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A custom built shot of an asteroid hitting down in California. The background plate was the only thing provided for our course, we were then tasked to come up with our own shots with no help and only feedback to see how we'd handle it. This is what I came up with.

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For this project each student was provided a plate to do whatever they wanted to it, I decided to end the world with mine. Using files supplied by FootageCrate I created the final shot within Nuke using keyers, colour corrections, Oflow and time offsets to name a few for the asteroid and meteor. I rotopainted and created digital mattes of the plate to separate the background, midground and foreground. I used garbage mattes to adjust the colour of the background and remove its natural shade as the asteroid apprached. The most difficult part for this was oddly the dust cloud that passes through, it was a struggle to blend between the 3 clouds that I had adjusted for it, but after weeks of going back and fourth I managed it. I finished it off with a camera shake and a custom chromatic abberation tool to give it a feeling of you being there and filming it.

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