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Alejandro Díaz - Stylized Porfolio

Alejandro Díaz - Stylized Porfolio

Alejandro Díaz Magán
by alediazmagan on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of my latest stylized Environments and Characters.

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Hi! Im Alejandro Díaz, a recently graduated 3D artist from Spain, currently looking for work, with a special interest in stylized characters and environment. You can see my past projects in my Artstation and Instagram.

I love stylized PBR artstyle and vibrant colors, always trying to inspire fantasy and wonder with my artworks. 

Here's a collection of my latests works, made in the latest year:


The Ancient Light

This is my latest stylized environment done as an entry for The World of Realtime Discoveries from The Rookies. I had a blast working on this project, learning so much about Unreal Engine an the whole process of creating an environment. 

I'm so glad I could archive being a Finalist and getting an Excellence Award. You can see the entry and breakdown here.

I wanted to create an alien planet, with technology and structures long ago forgotten, but with energy still flowing on them. I will create an open field, filled with plant life, and it will be shattered, with rifts and chasm breaking the plains. Inside this chasm there will be a lot of vegetation, bioluminiscent, and forgotten ruins of the ancient civilization that once resided here.

Full process view

Jötun Fall

An small environment I did while learning Unreal engine for the first time, based on a concept by Tim Kaminski.

ERIT (Demo)

I was responsible of modelling, texturing and enviroment art in Erit, a 2.5D Metroidvania platformer. You can download it at:

We wanted to make stylized 3D models with heavy sculpting for the environment to match the handrawn 2D character.

It was really fun working in a project of this scale, cooperating with other artists and collegues to make a playable demo. 

Erit is a little space girl who crashes on an unknown planet, and she will have to retrieve the pieces she has lost from the ship in order to repair it and continue her journey. Will you help her to overcome the dangers she will face?


The Hollow Knight

Quick fanart sculpt of The Hollow Kight, really liked how the lighting turned out on this one.


Cartoon character model for animations and realtime based on the original character by the amazing Chris Ortiz I really loved her desing and wanted to make a tribute and practicing my stylized and cartoon skills.

Done as part of my studies at Animum 3D School

Fjord Tusktooth-Critical Role Fanart

Realtime character for videogames,fanart based on Travis Willingham character from Critical Role.First time doing realtime haircards, was a real challenge.

4k textures and 50k polys. Done as part of my studies at Animum 3D School

Character concept by Anthony Amorose

Thank you for reading through the end, hope you like it!

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