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Architectural Visualisation

Open to artists who specialise in Architectural Visualisation. This is content created to help visualise building interiors and exteriors, landscaping, town planning and sustainability.

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Mads Lind Nicolaisen


Denmark | 3D College Denmark

I have always been very creative playing with Legos playing Minecraft and etc... as a kid. And I picked up Photography and Graphic design in my teenage years. And when I was 19 I Discovered the magical world of CG. It started out as a hobby for me while living with my parents. and I really enjoyed it. so I decided to start at the school 3D College Denmark. And that's when I got really hooked. The environment the school gave me really helped a lot. and that's when I realized CG was for me

Runner Up

Juan Pablo Orrego Contador



When I was about 13-14 years old, as I was really interested in homemade movies and VFX, which lead to me learning about 3D.

Highly Commended

Ivan Ontiveros Ortiz


United Kingdom

A couple of years ago, at a dinner with friends, I met someone who introduced me to the world of architectural visualization. Since then it has become my obsession. I enjoy learning new skills, different ways of lighting, new render engines, etc. It has become my passion.

People's Choice

Shamanth S


India | St.josephs academy

My talent in creative media was found by my teacher in class 8 and now I want to take my talent to sky where I can express myself in a outstanding way and moreover iam really interested in this field.

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Category Brief

Architectural visualisation is the term used when a visual is created to portray a pre-existing building, public space or interior space. Judges are looking for artists specialising in this industry and want to see final rendering of houses, shopping centres, office blocks, hospitals, public spaces and interiors of building.

Entrants will typically have studied Architecture, Interior Design, Environment Design and Town Planning.

Important Notes

  • Combine all your best work into one single entry. Multiple entries with individual projects will not be reviewed.
  • The focus of this category is about sharing your architectural designs in photorealistic renders. Share how you created your final renderings and the designs you worked with.
  • Interior renderings are a major part of the architectural visualisation industry and our judges are excited to see how interesting and realistic your projects are.
  • Share your process to the judges. Make sure to share the elements that made up your final renderings.
Architectural Visualisation
Architectural Visualisation
Architectural Visualisation

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