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"The beginning"

"The beginning"

Tomasz Adamski
by neskot on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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— The beginning —

Those who works with 3D knows how it is. You sit, you think and you really wanna do something, but nothing comes in mind. You look after something interesting on pinterest, then you open YouTube and 2 hours fly by with the speed of light. No? You don't know that? — Maybe it's just me...

I began this year with a new year's resolutions, i wanted to sculpt a character in Zbrush, as you can imagine, i didn't, and i think i wont. Then came my second school period, it began with a small "One-day" project where i used my and my brother old models. And that's it.. Rest of the week i used on searching after inspiration and watching funny cat videos..

Let's go back for a moment. In February i meet a girl, soon she became my girlfriend. I moved in to her apartment (things moved pretty quickly) and i saw it - her apartment..
"THIS IS IT" - i said, "That's what i want to do".

I began with taking a lot of photos and measurement of her apartment, i only had those few hours in the school, and with no computer at home i couldn't really do much more. I wanted to do as much as possible by hand, model it from scratch. But still, i used some of my/my brother old models. BUT..

But i photo-scanned aaaa lot of objects (eighteen, to be precise), more to come. I'am pretty happy with the results. Took many hours, a lot of work and many photos. But here it is, still not finished but that's what i can show you.

Hope you liked it, still more to come. I decided that i will work on that a bit more. Do some animation, some better shoots, more close ups. Just, you know.. Upgrade it :)

Big thanks to my brother and my girlfriend for helping me when i needed it!

— There is more —

As said, there is more. I wanted to show everything that i've done past 2 years. So here it is..

My first "Big" project was "Day&Night", i had one week and i decided that i will do as much as i can by myself, so in that case, 95% of what you see is made by me. But of course, i always use my lovely brother as a judge, when he likes the picture then i know that it really has to be good!

Three shoots, day and night. In my opinion - it turn out pretty nice.

— Side projects —

When i started my intership and i began my first school period, i had to do some hard surface modelling. At that time i lived in school, small square 2x2m, and i used my whole day after school to play video games. I didn't know what i wanted to do, but the answer was in front of me the whole time. MICROPHONE!

So i decided i will do - "THE MOST REALISTIC MICROPHONE EVER".

And.. IT LOOK AWESOME! (in my opinion)..

And the rest, all what i've done in the past 2 years. Here it is!

— Thanks for reading/watching —

Big thanks to my brother for helping my out when i can't find way to solve problems that i encounter on my journey. It means a lot to me. <3

Thank you for  surviving until the end of this entry.

Have a nice day!

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