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Since 2018, I began to dive deeper into Environment Art and studied Creative Media & Game Technologies at the HKU. While going to university, I dedicated all my time to learning new workflows and techniques related to Environment Art while following multiple Mentorships on the side. During my Graduation project last year I've become very interested in learning more about lighting and this resulted in a full time position at Moon Studios as a Lighting Artist.

Years ago I started playing around with RPG Maker and Pixel art a lot. When it was time to decide what school to choose, my brother mentioned that at his school they had a Game Art course. I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do.

I have wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry since I realised it was actually an option for me, rather than something you just dream about. I have always loved art and games and I am very excited to be part of the process.

Since art became my hobby in my young teen years, illustrating quite nooby pencil artworks, I was always inspired by digital paintings and renowned illustrators such as Riot artists and Guweiz. Always gazing into the dynamic and colourful digital works of the industry, I only wanted to do the same and express my artistic style of painting and assisting the creative industries to completing their projects.

When I was in college/sixth form I started to take my art more seriously, I started branching out and learning to use different kinds of media. I was a realism and portrait artist. I started developing my own style and turning to digital media, with programmes such as Procreate and Photoshop.

Upon discovering video games at a very early age I was blown away by the effort that goes into their development and the possibilities of their final product: working as a team people could create interactive worlds and stories that rivalled even the greatest of novels or films. I immediately knew from that first interaction with video games that my biggest career aspiration was to get the chance to add my artwork to these games, and thus I've devoted my life to this goal.

After watching both the Matrix and Avatar for the first time I was encapsulated by the ability to bring stories not previously possible to the big screen, I began my journey into VFX while experimenting with 3D software during my own time at college. From there I introduced it gradually into my project developing my skills and leading to my choice to study VFX at a degree level.

I realised I wanted to work in the games industry when I found that it was a real possibility. when looking for a college course on graphic design, I saw that my local college had a course in interactive media and games, which I went and signed up for straight away.

After playing Skyrim because i became obsessed with digital art afterward and took drawing more seriously.

I decided to go back into education at the tender age of 38 as I was not happy with the type of work I always ended up in. I went to college to obtain my UCAS points so I was eligible for university. Having studied games design while at college, I had a chance to try my hand at all the different disciplines. This is where I found my calling for 3D modelling, particularly asset production and environment art.

1st year of university I attended a game arts course and found that I could combine my love for creating characters and concepts with 3D techniques which could be used for video games which I had a passion for playing.

I've always had a love for video games since I was a child, like most people! But I didn't know it could be a career path until the end of secondary school and it felt like I had finally found my calling. I learnt all about Maya and self-taught myself the software to get into university. I graduated from university with a 2:1 degree and I'm continuing to improve my portfolio!

I knew I wanted to tell stories from a really young age. As I started playing games and watching movies I realised those are the stories I want to help create. Today I'm studying full time to reach that goal!

Ever since I played the game Final Fantasy 7. Since taht game other game such as MW2, Skyrim, fallout, Journey and Witcher 3 has been pushing me to become an aspiring 3D character artist.

When I was a kid, I used to play MMORPG games which gave me a lot of inspiration to make my own "games". Since I had no idea how to make actual games back then, I would simply draw out a map/world on paper and draw items and monsters in it. The player would just use their finger as a pawn to move around in this world. Then one day I learned that 3D modeling software and game engines were a thing, so I didn't hesitate to try them out and maybe make a real game someday.

Ever since I was about 11, art was all I cared about doing.

I am a 3D environmental artist specializing in Archviz and interiors. Illustration, 3D modelling and attention to detail are essential skills that have aided in my creation of life-like environments. My interests in architecture, history and travelling provide me with a vast sum of inspiration to produce a unique blend of material for environment design. ​I wanted to work in the creative industries as I love creating art but wanted to harness it into a specific sirection.

I've always been interested in art and have enjoyed drawing since my childhood. It was during the pandemic, following the completion of my sixth-form studies, that I decided to pursue a career in the industry by taking my first step in that direction choosing to study animation at Norwich University of the Arts. I am now in my third year at the university shortly going into my fourth and final year. Excited to learn and develop further as an animator and an artist. Instagram-@Aidan_boulton_art

I realised this back when I use to make youtube videos and loved the creative process of making videos

When playing games at a younger age, I gravitated towards sandbox experiences that give you creative freedom. Eventually I decided to take my appreciation for that quality of games into creative practices. Through my years of study since GCSE level I've accumulated experience in Blender & Unreal Engine 5, and i'm continuing to grow my skill set in working with UE to create games. Over the past year specifically, I've been getting more familiar with blueprint coding.

When I was 8 years old I loved playing Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. Instead of playing the game I just roamed around the map, looking at the amazing environments and pretending to be Spider-Man!

I remember the feelings of excitement and awe I had as a teenager when I first played the 2010 Sci-Fi first person shooter Halo: Reach. I was fascinated by the inner workings of the game and how aspects such as level and narrative design could invoke strong and emotional responses from the audience. Later down the line, that fascination shaped into an ambition of becoming a games designer when I enrolled in a Games Art & Design course at college.