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#UnderwaterCreatures - Rookies Weekly Drills

#UnderwaterCreatures - Rookies Weekly Drills

Hope Ashmore
by hesther on 4 Dec 2020

My final submission for the Rookies Weekly Drills, hopefully on time :)

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A compilation of design sketches and paintings for my four creatures. Each was made from a similar group of inspirations, which has led me to make them subspecies of the same fictional species within the universe they exist in. I had a lot of fun making these and would love to continue looking into creature design in the future.

My first creature design is based on a sea slug with elements from other creatures such as jellyfish, moths and a praying  mantis. Also slightly on those sticky hand shaped toys though that was mostly an interesting accident. It lives on the sea floor and forages for food using its sticky appendages, often eating the trapped prey immediately straight from the trap.

My second creature is inspired mostly by jellyfish with elements of moths and cocoons, seaweed and bioluminescent fungi. It is a very small creature that often travels and lives with larger numbers of its own species, living deep in the ocean gorges where there is little light as well as closer to the surface.

My third creature is somewhat humanoid in stance and takes it inspirations from fungi and jellyfish, as well as elements of sea urchins and pufferfish. Like my first creature it tends to travel along the ocean floor mindlessly hunting for food.

My fourth creature is quite busy and takes inspiration from a number of sources, mostly flying fish, coral reefs, moths and things like mermaid's purses for their transparency and texture. This creature is often seen lightly dancing over the ocean floor, but is able to swim upwards to escape predators.

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