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Since I have memory, I remember playing TRETRIS with my sister in the NES console, such good memories.

Since I was a Kid I have always liked video games and horror movies and I have always wanted to dedicate myself to it professionally, I love create characters and monsters, its a lot of fun.

Since i was a teenager, i always liked playing creative games, watching youtubers gameplays and artists streamings. I have always known i wanted to do something artistic since i was little. And magically i found out about the career i am studying nowadays. Now it's been 5 years since i started on this world and makes me love it every day more and more.

I've been interested in video games ever since I was a kid and I've had a clear goal in mind since my early teens. I'd like to work in the industry. This idea has changed over time but I've never stopped striving to get to it.

When I get my studies in programming I had to make a projects that involved the art of design. Working in design made me realize that what I really wanted to do. I finished my studies in app development and I started to learn 3D art. I am in FX Animation studying the master degree in videogames.

I started with the world of 3D when I was study a grade of animation 3D, video games and interactive environments at Vic Univeristy [ TEKNÓS ] at 2014. When I was finished, I was started studying a Master of special effects and postproduction for cinema in FX Animation for three years. Actually, I'm working for MPC Film in Canada, Mont-real

The moment I knew that you can take your passion and become it your job.

When I was 10 I saw Animation vs Animator and I was amazed, so I started doing animations with stickmans. Then I wanted to move to 3D and I made a huge mistake, I started with Rigging and Skinning! So I thought that wasn't for me. Anyway, videogames still were my hobby and what I loved, but when I had to choose degree I felt that kind of social preasure that tells you that you can't live of games. So I moved from one career to another. And then, I listened to me, and entered this amazing world!

When I had to choose what I wanted to study I decided to study a university degree related to arts in which I could express and communicate through my work. The option I chose was the career of video game development and applied games. But after two years I thought that maybe within the video game development I could start specializing in character design and improve my 3D skills. After 7 years since I started that path, I still think that it was the moment when I found my profession.

Two years ago I realized that it was time to change my career path, I worked as a graphic designer until then.

Since my earliest memories, I've always had creative impulses. But for various reasons, I couldn't pursue that path as it wasn't within the realm of possibilities in my youth. After studying and practicing as a dentist, migrating from my country, and undergoing many changes, I'm only now starting to steer towards the creative field, and I feel at home!

At first I was involved in a science and history academy but after graduating I realized that I did not see myself in that position, out of the blue I found Concept Art and the process of how movies are made, I fell in love instantly with it and I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

Since I was a child, I was fascinated by de possibility to create the movies or video games that I loved. That is what motivates me to understand and build the skills to sketch and draw, appealing characters and art.

Since I was very young I have been keen on drawing and painting. Along my life I've dedicated a lot of time to improve my illustration skills, but it was only in 2021 when I focused on the creative industriy and the potential of art in the development of visual content for entertainment industry. This is when I decided to structure my learning in the Concept Art and 3D Modelling master degree at FX Barcelona Film School.

My name is Manuel and I am a 30 year old VFX Artist from Spain. I have studied animation at the FX Animation 3D & Film School. Since I was little I was interested in the film industry, I saw that it had infinite possibilities to create an entire universe at my fingertips. I majored in being a professional videographer and recently started learning VFX.

I realised I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment field when it was time to choose which path to take after high school. I knew I wanted a career that was art related and quickly understood where I wanted to go with it. I have a great passion for cinema and animated movies, I love the cinematic language and the art of visually conveying ideas and concepts. I always try to give my creations a movie-like feel.

I have wanted to work in the creative industry since I can remember. What was clear to me was that it had to be creating images that help tell stories. Now I'm two months away from finishing my master's degree in VFX and I can't wait to take my first steps in the VFX industry.

I've been working in the creative field for some years now, experiencing and learning from different media and industries. 3D art for video games allows me to merge and apply all the skills I've developed as an illustrator, videographer and designer, showing me a new career path that I'm eager to explore and keep growing with. These are my first steps as a 3D artist.

Around mid 2020 I just started a carrer on videogame programming. "I want to help make games, or make my own" I thought. I did not like it. But there was this one subject I loved: 3D Art. I dropped the carreer with the support of my parents and my 3D teacher and started learning 3D on my own. Recently I started a higher degree in Barcelona with the confidence that I am now in the good path.

I've always being interested in creative projects, after I got my degree in Fine Arts at UPV in Valencia I found a Master in Concept Art and 3D modelling that I found really interesting, so I applied.

Since I was young I love videogames and I alwayas dreamed one day can made my own one

From the age of 3 as soon as I started playing video games. And in my adolescence I already realized that my favorite part was being an artist of environments

From a very young age I was interested in movies, specifically the Star Wars saga, Star Trek and other Sci-Fi movies that incorporated VFX. From that point onwards I developed a passion for them. When I had the opportunity to make this passion a suitable career I grabbed it inmediately. I found an educational faculty that taught 3D and VFX and now I'm graduating, thus I'm trying to find new opportunities.

I realized that I wanted to study VFX when I started to wonder how these destructions and sci-fi worlds were made. And I decide to get into the CGI world.