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Ishaan, treasure hunter — Character

Ishaan, treasure hunter — Character

Sara Pieters
by SaraPieters on 29 May 2022

» The world's wonders await for those who take on the adventure.— A stylized character for a puzzle video game created for FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D & Film School.

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Ishaan, the treasure hunter

Ishaan is my first stylized character developed during my Master's first year.

It took 1 month to design, model, retopo, texture and paint the weights on the UE4 character rig.

Ishaan is the main player character of my Hidden Temple project, a puzzle video game created for FX Animation, while the secondary skin Ishaan's Spirit— is the enemy that will try to hunt the hunter.

Used UE4, 3DSMax, Zbrush, Maya and Substance Painter.

Secondary Skin

Ishaan's Spirit

Models implemented ingame

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