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Honestly, the entire process of creating 3D models until seeing how they "come to life" in video games, movies,... has always fascinated me in every way. I simply wanted to be part of that, one of those people who develop video games that we all enjoy and one day be able to appear in the credits of some great title and be able to say that I was part of it.

I delved into the realm of art through graphic design. During my university studies, I stumbled upon the alluring field of 3D art, and I was drawn into it. Since then, I've been exploring new techniques and delving deeper into this fascinating field."

I've always been interested in learning many kind of artistic expression.

Hice un grado superior de Animación 3d, juegos y entornos interactivos, después de conocer un poco el mundo del 3d, decidí hacer lo que verdaderamente me gusta, ser artista de personajes! hice un master de modelado de personajes en la escuela Animum! Motivado para seguir aprendiendo.

It was really when I started the video game art course that I discovered that this was my passion and if or if I knew I was going to end up working in the industry because it became my passion.

I've learned on my own, image, video and 3D programs like Premiere, Filmora, Photoshop, Blender..., also self-taught in music theory. Always trying to bring out the creative side, in every possible way. And finally I had the opportunity to enroll in Lightbox Academy a Basic and Advanced modeling Master's degree in Maya.

When i first touched a crayon as a kid i knew i was going creative goblin mode. I have always worked at creative fields, interior design, graphic design, advertising, illustration, concept art, and now 3D. As Creature designer I feel the need to conjure a myriad of critters out of my mind from pencil scribbles to a polished 3D render.

A few years ago I was curious to know how the characters, effects and others that we see on the screens were made and from there my interest was awakene

Since I was little I have always loved Disney´s films, actually all animation films, so when I grew up I decided I wanted to be part of that world. Once I grew up I started investigating and end up finding U-tad and Lightbox Academy the two schools I studied in. The field that I like the most of 3D art is 3D modeling, but I am very passionate about 3D animation and 3D texturizing as well.

I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself to the world of 3D when I was finishing primary school, when I received my first console, the Nintendo DS. But I decided to dedicate myself to 3D modeling a couple of years ago, when I was finishing my degree in 3D animation, games and interactive environments.

Since I discovered that with images you can express yourself and tell stories.

Since I was little I really like the animated world and everything related to it.

Since I was very little, I have been involved in the world of video games and cinema. Both have made a significant impact on me and I would love to develop my career in these areas.

Since I was little I have been interested in the creative industry. That's why I started studying graphic design and currently 3D.

About 4 years ago, I figured I wanted to get into 3D modeling. I was studying architecture at the time, but then Irealized I would much rather pursue creative art in the animation industry.

when I started to be interested in how video games were made

When I started my videogame design and development studies at university.

Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated about animation, 3D and videogames. But the moment I realized I wanted to make 3D art and Work in the industry was when I went to the cinema to watch Ratatouille with my father, that moment changed my life and since then I felt in love with 3D.

I want to work in the creative industry because when I watch movies, I imagine different possibilities and ways they could be changed. I would love to be part of the team and have a say in the outcome of a movie.

I’ve always been interested in art, but I really discovered what I wanted to do when I learned how the creative industries are able to merge many different types of art with technology, emotions and storytelling.

I decided that I wanted to work in creative industries because I've always felt attracted by the work of VFX and 3D artists. As I got older I started to be more interested in how these artists were able to do those projects.

I have memories that were a breakingpoint in my mind, perhaps because they fascinated me or broke my soul, I´m always looking for those moments that impact me. Now at 24, I want to transmit a small part of my vision to the world and provoke that kind of emotions.