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Je suis un Caillou

Je suis un Caillou

"Je suis un Caillou" is a student short film made during our graduation year at ESMA Nantes. Directed by Mélanie BERTERAUT-PLATON, Yasmine BRESSON, Léo COULOMBIER, Nicolas GRONDIN, Maxime LE CHAPELAIN and Louise MASSÉ. - Je suis un Caillou means I am a Pebble -

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Bubble, a young otter, lives with three mossy stones and thinks of them as her family. Bubble imagines them as real otters, but as she becomes aware of their true nature, she has to face her loneliness.




View from the colorscript to the final treatment in post processing




Making of

Full Film

Mélanie Berteraut-Platon : Modeling - Set Dressing - Lighting - Rendering - Compositing

Yasmine Bresson : Design - Modeling - Texturing - Shading - Lighting - Rendering - Compositing

Léo Coulombier : Tool Development - Compositing - R&D - Pipeline

Nicolas Grondin : Colorscript - Compositing - Matte Painting - FX - Texturing

Maxime Le Chapelain : Storyboarding - Animation - 2D FX - Editing - Layout

Louise Massé : Rigging - Animation - Fix Anim - Layout

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