Abstract Fractal Planet
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Abstract Fractal Planet

For my entry ill be creating an abstract alien planet incorporating natural patterns and fractal geometry as the main focus of my environment

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Update - 9 May 2021

Lumpy and porous structures

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Update - 9 May 2021

Recently made some organic alien plant life variations with SpeedTree, Using Mesh Forces to guide growth

Update - 26 Apr 2021

Created some variations of abstract structures to populate my environment with later,
reminiscent of terrestrial basket and cage fungi 

Update - 21 Apr 2021

i was able to create more organic looking formations by combining the dual meshing technique with a Gray Scott reaction-diffusion system, generating natural "Turing patterns" one might find in nature.

Meshing and Rendering in Blender

Using the Turing pattern as a weight paint group to displace the mesh and guide subdivisions  

Update - 16 Apr 2021

Using Blenders Tissue Addon and tessellation to create quick fractal approximations that are more real-time friendly 

I also played with Duel meshing and animated displacement for some abstract objects

Update - 8 Apr 2021

Experimenting with fractal exporting
AmazingSurf formula used in Mandelbulb3d then BTracer Obj Export
Meshing and Clean-up in Zbrush
Blender Eevee render

Update - 8 Apr 2021

my scene will be based on concept art of egos planet, from the guardians of the galaxy sequel movie