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First update

by d4rk3lf on 27 Dec 2020 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Still won't discover what I am trying, but hopefully, soon enough, I'll have something more to share. Depending on my freelance projects, I'll have smaller or bigger pauses.

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Update - 27 Dec 2020

Ok, so here's the first update. 
My idea is based somehow to mr Steven Kippling suggestion, but I basically reversed it. 
So, instead of coldtype Hydra, that lives under the frozen lake, and cyborg that is "fiery" in nature, I made Hydra living in a very dangerous place, full of lava, and so hot, that can even live under lava lake. :) 
Our cyborg will be sort of electricity cold driven technology, but still haven't started effects on him yet. 
Software 3DS Max + PhoenixFD + Tyflow. 
I'll probably use FumeFX for the fire breathing sequence of the Hydra. 

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Update - 19 Dec 2020

Ok, decided to start this awesome challenge. 
Finally, I don't have to worry about animation and models while doing tests, and I only need to do the effects. 
Hopefully I will learn and share with community, and at the end of the challenge, I'll be much more experienced. 

Good luck to all. :)