Thunder vs Wind - Harry Kirby
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Thunder vs Wind - Harry Kirby

Harry Kirby
by harryjameskirby on 3 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

My entry to the competition with the idea of an elemental battle between thunder and wind.

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Update - 3 Jan 2021

Since my hydralisk is going to be an electric monster of sorts, I decided that I wanted it to emerge from a lake so that way I could perhaps later on show some effects of conductivity or electricity waves pulsing through the water. It would also be a cool opportunity for me to learn about FLIP simulation and water effects in general.

The following flipbook is the result I'm going with for now.  

In the initial emergence of the hydralisk (when the spikes are just there at the surface at the start), I'm planning to create electricity sources at the tips of the spikes and have them interact.

Once I got my head around how FLIP sims worked, the setup just involved using the hydralisk as a collision source and a velocity field I created to run along the lake's inlet. The velocity field creates a continuous splash that travels towards the character; I want to combine this with an electric effect during compositing that moves along with the splash, which will make it seem like it was caused by an electric pulse that was emitted from the hydralisk's claw.   

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Update - 17 Dec 2020

Hey everyone, my name's Harry and this will be my first Rookies contest entry. I'm really excited to work with such awesome assets provided by this competition.

This first update will just be about what I'm planning to do in this contest and what references I'm using to create my effects.

The main idea/story behind my entry will be the elemental rivalry between thunder and wind; a concept depicted a lot in anime and manga. I think this will provide me with plenty of opportunity to show some cool effects to do with electricity, wind, smoke, dust and even water (I have ideas about an electric infused lake the monster emerges from).  

The following reference images kind of show the look I'm hoping to go for with my monster; lots of electricity bolts radiating around his body and sparks flying with his movement.

This jagged look of the monster will be contrasted with a very fluid and graceful hero, with his effects looking very circular and smooth (tornados, wind waves etc). The Last Airbender will be a huge influence on his look and I might even use vellum cloth to give the character a cloak.