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Hey Internet Welcome to my Play-By-Play for the #KombiChallenge #Like#Comment#Follow#Share#Please

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Update - 4 Jan 2021

Final Submission :) 

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Update - 29 Dec 2020

Hey internet! 

I think I've got my Kombi to an acceptable entry level but would really love to push it a bit a bit further! 

The bumper stickers are all stock images as is the main side decal of the lips (for now! I am working on my own custom decal if time permits, my first custom decal from previous posts doesn't really fit with my new art direction.)

I am struggling to see what I need to do do really push realism? I want this Kombi to look like its survived the 70s and is still rolling around today, The owner however is a super stoner so its not particularly well looked after, just enough to keep the old girl running ....

Any feedback would be much appreciated ... you know fresh eyes an all! 

Update - 27 Dec 2020

Hey Internet!

Been working on my rust and dust effects ... pretty happy with the progress at the moment, I've managed to tame the rust so that it doesnt overpower the paint job. Still have add some bumper stikcers and a few more dirt and scratch detail ... stay tuned! Feed back welcome!!!

Update - 25 Dec 2020

Hey internet!

Working on rust build up today... Here's what I've got so far. Still needs tweaking I'm worried the rust is overpowering at the moment and I'm losing the detail of the paint job....Thoughts??

Update - 22 Dec 2020

Hey Internet!

So massive design change in the last few weeks! I've changed the color pallet and motif. Giving a more centralized theme throughout allowing me to focus on a story....the stoner hippie van !! 

Update - 2 Dec 2020

Hey Internet,

Another update ! I've got the showroom ready version of the van complete.m from here I need to give it a hippie paint job and then weather the texture.  

I've Started working on my van decals this week . Got the first one done and mapped onto my van pretty happy with the results. 

Feedback welcome "))

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Update - 29 Nov 2020

Hey internet,

Small update / cry for help !

I'm trying to add a simple strip detail I've created in Designer and paint it onto a mesh in Painter,

So I've got my Designer material loaded in as a base material, I've created a paint layer, selected my material, changed to a square alpha, played around with the spacing settings, turned on follow path and set the alignment to tangent wrap.

Everything works as I want it to when I'm adding in a straight line using the click+shift method, Pic1.

Problem is when I have to try and curve the line it end up ugly and jittery, Pic 2.

Anyone know a method so my lines stay smooth and even on curved surfaces? 

Update - 29 Nov 2020

Hey Internet,

Here is my mood board for the Kombi Challenge. I've decided to start of by giving my van a fresh off the line paint job as shown in the left hand images. 

After this I plan to building on the original paint-job and turn my van into the ultimate hippie Kombi as shown in the images on the right. 

I'm really hoping to be able to tell a story with this texture. Thinking road trip , cali, 1977, peace and love!

Finally I'll run down the texture with wear, rust and extra detail however for the final renders I'd like to produce two version of the van, the first, a showroom ready shot (no damage ect..) and the second being a shot of the van in the wild with a real hippie owner, run down and well used !!

Update - 28 Nov 2020

Hey internet,

Here is my first update for the #Kombichallenge.

So far I've got the model in Painter, baked all the necessary maps and I have also assigned base materials to each UDIM set.

Now comes the fun of texturing, Stay tuned!