88 Mile per Hours!!
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88 Mile per Hours!!

Got to get a lot of fun with this idea, well I hope so!

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Update - 17 Jan 2021

As I was saying in my last commentI am not able to do Iray render, look like my computer is going to die... Hardware too old...

Anyway even though I wasn't able to do the Iray render so I made some screenshot and I realize that I forget the logo ^^.
As I said I am going to finish it properly and do a better job with the dirt and weathering effect, yeah I had to rush this part because I made a bad call trying to find a way to finish faster and get faster computating while working on painter and unfortunately it cost me a whole afternoon of technical issue and research to find what was the problem (which I haven't found yet...)

I saw a lot of nice things in the Entry, nice work everyone!

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Update - 16 Jan 2021

well unfortunatley I had to rush the end and it look like my hardware have hard time to run IRay, so I made some screenshot and I am finish the project later, too bad for the deadline.

Update - 16 Jan 2021

well just few hours left to finish it and there's still a lot of nice effect to do but now I have to rest and sleep... ^^

Update - 4 Jan 2021

I know it's been a while, after starting the contest I recived two art test one after another and then came the holliday with the familly obligation and celebration...

All of this cut back my schedule pretty badly so even if I am not sure that I can finish it for the deadline I'll finish it anyway because I have a lot of fun with this idea. ^^

So this weekend I started working again and first thing that I did was using designer to create those alphas, wires stack, clip and socket to be able to use it in painter.

After those I was able to put my hand in the engine again! ^^

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Update - 3 Dec 2020

A little bit of body work

and some engine work... well not that kind of engine but still engine.

Update - 23 Nov 2020

Guess that y'all are seeing which way I'm going with my reference board?! XD

First step gather reference!!