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Eddie the Colossus
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Eddie the Colossus

The artistic vision of the game Shadow of the colossus had always fascinated me and this challenge is a great opportunity to pay a tribute.

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

Final update

A little bit of lore (shadow of the colossus)

Wander, after losing his his girl, arrives in a forbidden lands, where according to the legends, lives a demon that can restore lives of the dead.
The demon tells Wander that he will bring his girl back to life if he will kill 16 foes that live in the land.
These foes are enormous, and in order to kill them, one must find their spot of weakness (called vital point).

My Eddie is designed as a 17th colossus, inspired like the others, from Mayan, Aztec and antient Greek relics. 

When a colossus spots a threat, its eyes become yellowish-orange. It's a sign it is looking for a kill.

It has two vital points:

The first one is located on its back above a little cliff. stabbing it will bring it to his knees and will allow wander to reach its head where the second vital point is located.

The second vital point is hidden in the middle of a maze, that Wander will have to solve in order to find and stab.

A snapshot from Substance Painter:

It was really fun, please make more of these 🐱‍👓


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Update - 6 Oct 2020

Update 06 - legs look-dev

Still have a lot of work, but it might be the legs final state as I must proceed with work on the other areas and time is ticking

Update - 4 Oct 2020

Update 05  - Body materials, Head and arms planning

I'm going for a chest-shield that suffers from wearing caused by time.
Colossi are partially antient temples, so it's really fun to explore these in the making.

In order to kill a colossus, one must stab it in very specific areas called vital points, for example:

Usually they're hidden on different areas of the colossus's body. I thought it will be cool to create one on top of the head, hidden inside of  a maze , so the player will have a struggle a bit in order to reach and stab it.

Update - 29 Sep 2020

Update 04 - More progress on the basic shapes

These will be the main body shapes, inspired mainly by colossus 3

Update - 21 Sep 2020

Update 03 - Sketching the basic shapes

After reviewing the the different colossi (yeah, it's the plural for a colossus, who would have thought, right?) designs, I have decided to use 3, 15 and 16 as my main reference for the look. they have a cool antient-Aztec style I would like to explore. 

So I have started to sketch the main shapes:

Cheers! :)

Update - 19 Sep 2020

Update 02 - Style search

Searching for the right style and mood to aim for 🐱‍🏍

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Update - 18 Sep 2020

Update 01 - SOTC theme  has been selected

Not a lot to present yet, but at least I picked a theme which is a very important step! ^^