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The Rookies 2020 - Veronika Vajdova

The Rookies 2020 - Veronika Vajdova

Veronika Vajdova
by weroni on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey there. I love films, creating 3D characters and constantly challenging myself. I am a current graduate and here are some of my latest projects, mostly worked on during my last semester at uni, hope you like them!

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Made for one of my last uni projects. The goal was to create a mutated creature and keep the design on the edge of magical and dangerous, this project was a great opportunity to dive deeper into animal anatomy. It was inspired by the film Annihilation, as I absolutely loved the weirdness in the film!

• initial concept art ideas

• maps were created using Mari

• sculpting was done in Zbrush, modelling in Maya and rendered with Arnold


First time creating a likeness and learning XGen. Clothes were created in Marvelous Designer. The environment and HDRI  were obtained by photographing a well-lit area. Full body was posed and compositing was done in Nuke. 

Having to switch from a person who hates taking selfies into someone whose phone is filled with them was interesting, but I ended up having a lot of fun with this project!

• textures were created in Mari

• everything was rendered in Arnold


Result of my obsession with the films I used to watch as a kid, with a small brave child achieving amazing things (Neverending story... don't tell me you can't hear THAT song right now.) It was my first experience with clothes in Marvelous Designer and the whole pipeline from MD  through Zbrush to Maya and Arnold. The clothes and accessories were textured in Substance Painter. 

• initial sketches and ideas

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