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The lost boy met the Tribesman

The lost boy met the Tribesman

satish hariram
by satish15 on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My concept art with a few art details. 2D & 3D combination. I tried my best to make it look better for final view.

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My concept art as beginner.  Below are my art details and storylines. 

Main concept art. This is my first ever concept art that I did this year as an amateur digital artist. Hope you like it.

The characters

1. Cavaleiro

2. Randolf

3. Marisenho. 


At first Randolf was walking through the jungle because he lost the signal to find his destination. Suddenly, an animal dropped in front of him, followed up by Cavaleiro. So, Randolf was shocked,  he asked for a little help from the tribe man. Later, Cavaleiro agreed to help Randolf to find his destination. Finally, Randolf arrived to his destination watching from above hill. Short storyboard and concept art done by myself. Hope you understand my story.

Environment concept art

Jungle Scene

City scene

I know this is a short story, with simple concept art. I learnt new method on how to become an artist. I completed this within 5 days. It took me a lot of hours to think of a story and character. Finally I could submit them.

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