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Halime Maloof Portfolio

Halime Maloof Portfolio

Halime Maloof
by halimemaloof on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi everyone! Here's a collection of my work. I am currently specializing in character/creature modeling and texturing for film and games. I've learn a lot at Gnomon, some other things in online schools and a few I've learnt on my own. I hope you like it and thank you!

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Portrait of Whang Od

Likeness study of tattoo artist Whang Od. 

Even though I started this piece by myself, I don't think it would have ended up looking like this if it wasn't for the amazing Tran Ma and mainly all the knowledge she shares in her Texturing class at Gnomon.

Sculpted in Zbrush, Textured using Mari, Tattoo pattern stamps were done in Photoshop to send to Mari, Necklace and earrings texture in Substance Painter, Hair done with Xgen, Retopology/UVs in Maya, Rendered using Vray.

Gypsy Child

Portrait study based on a photograph by Stefano Migliori.

I used ZBrush | Mari | Photoshop 

Just some girl's portrait

Maya | ZBrush | Mari | Substance Painter | XGen | Arnold

Intergallactic Pizza delivery Gal

I created this project at Gnomon School of VFX in Jared Krichevsky's Creature Sculpting class.

The idea was to create a character that could live inside the Star Wars universe. 

ZBrush | Marvelous Designer | Keyshot | Photoshop

Her backstory goes like this:

"It's not easy doing the job, traffic around the galaxy is getting horrible these days and hungry creatures can get very angry if their food is not on time.

Bandits are always trying to get hold of the goods and most do not take a girl serious for this kind of job. She's got to be the thoughest driver and courier in order for others to respect her.

You would not imagine the things she's done, it's not just food delivery, it requires a true badass for it".

Some Environments

Maya | Unreal Engine 4 | Substance Painter 

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