Brocky vs Big Max

Brocky vs Big Max

by jeffyosco on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

"A vegetable fighter in a fast food world seeks to prove that he can take on the Burgerweight champion."

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Brocky vs Big Max was completed as my senior thesis film at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. My main intent for creating this project was to show my abilities as a story artist, character designer, voice actor, and of course as an animator.

This is the animatic I made during preproduction. I wrote, storyboarded, and edited the animatic myself. I also made sure I strictly adhered to my animatic as I produced and edited the film. 

These turnarounds served as the final concept for each character. I wanted opposites for the characters, a healthy food versus a junk food. 

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