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Faure Lisa
by petitlu on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello there and welcome at the gorgeous and known worldwide Parisian Circus !! Take a ticket, and please, have fun ;) I’m a 20 years old French woman in love with expressing feelings in a visual way :) Colors and fun animates me ! And if you enjoy this sample, I’ll have reached my goal ! :)

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Here you are !! Immersed in my personal project wich with I just garduate this February but also a wonferful and colorful universe ! :D 

So much fun creating these characters, sets and props ! I hope you will enjoy them all ! :)

It's all about the Visual Development beginnings of a huge circus in the middle of Paris ! Along the slides you'll see the sewings details and texture/color choices :)

I used also a 3D base, on Maya, to build my circus and see what works or not ! I wanted something pretty huge  ! Imagine the Parisian streets, pavers, passages, artisans, arches, columns, some flowers and the typic wrought iron street lamp… And here it is ! A big and fantastic illuminate circus, in the middle of few passages ! You have to use it to access, but you can also come just visiting this incredible place out of time ! As a kid, a parent, a grand-parent or a child in mind, you're welcome ! There is enough happiness here for everybody ! 

The entry !

Some exemples of the 3D base I used for my settings illustration 

I had a lot of fun, slowly "walking" and appreciating taking shot in the model of my Circus, visualising the props and decorations ! :)

The Tea room  and Art Gallery :)

After passing the Public Passage, here is the the "tent" entry ! 

Here is the Private Passage ! I choose to develop a big open space for the troop lodges to symbolise the "family feeling" in a circus troop, made of different people from different horizons but building a real family together !

The cosy living-room :)

Here is the Valentine's lodge for exemple

And now Ladies and Gentlemen : The Circus family members !

Here are Aloïse and Philibert ! (They had a little crush on each other, please keep the secret)

The Bearded Woman ;)

The German Gymnast :)

The crazy and accordionist grandma ;)

The vicious ballerina !

The Chief and family's dad, and the Contorsionist !

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