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Underground 1965

Underground 1965

Rasheed Abdul
by Georgedyerson , juizoi, mikegneo, rasheeddot, zachc, and zuquiel on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Our take on a Metro-style main menu system set in London. The bombs dropped in 1945 and survivors live in the underground system only venturing above to scavenge. Made by ten 3rd year students for their final project at Escape Studios.

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Team Members:

Max Fitzgerald (Art Director/Prop Artist)

Zachary Creer (Prop Artist)

Thomas Paul Mouilleron (Prop/Tech Artist)

Zuquiel Abrahams (Environment Artist)

Maxim Isakov (Environment/Train Artist)

Harry Williams (Tech Artist)

Bridget Wright (Prop Artist)

Rasheed Abdul (VFX/Prop Artist)

Michael Neocleous (Lighting/Prop Artist)

George Dyerson (producer/ Prop Artist)

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