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The Spencer Wing

The Spencer Wing

Laura Higgins
by Antonio Coelho - Chester , Charlotte Hearn , Claudia Gonzalez - Casales , Conner Leon , James Snell , Joshua Steyn , Kain Do , Laura Higgins, Lee Smith - Anderson , Paulo Coutinho Lopes , Vuk Zrnic , and laura041 on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This was a 2nd Year university team project at Escape Studios, where we were assigned the task of creating a DLC Demo for Resident Evil 3, based in London within a 15 week period.

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It has been four years since Raccoon City was lost in the explosion. Umbrella has almost entirely disbanded but moves quickly to recover as many assets as possible before the S.T.A.R.S investigation uncovers them. That's where you find yourself, a young lab assistant, working to find one of Umbrellas hidden labs in the city of London. It is your job to find the lab, and recover anything that could be an asset to the corporation.

Reports from the area have indicated that beloved pets are going missing; does this have something to do with the lab?

You enter the Spencer Wing, a campus building that was funded by the founder of Umbrella. Where better to build a secret lab? It has been some time since the library was last used, and it seems to have been neglected since the funding stopped. You need to find some way to gain entry to the lab. Maybe there are some clues or a hidden door somewhere in the library.

Can you find your way to the lab before S.T.A.R.S can intervene?

Interactive exploration tied together with immersive storytelling through the use of props and set dressing.

The Brief

As a team composed of 11 artists, we were assigned the task of creating a Resident Evil 3 DLC Demo based in London, within a 15 week period.

This included a 3-week pre-production stage, where we came with a variety of different concepts, supported by research into locations within London and common themes in the Resident Evil franchise.

Over the course of the following 12 weeks, we created the environment which showcased the industry skills we have learned and included some small interactions and storytelling.

During the project, there were milestones where we received feedback from Will Hurst (Senior Environment Artist at Rocksteady).

Art Bible pages - Lighting concept art


Joshua Steyn - Art Director, Prop Artist

Laura Higgins - Producer, Foliage Artist, Technical Artist & VFX Artist

Lee Smith-Anderson - Lead Prop Artist, Technical Artist

Charlotte Hearn - Lead Environment Artist, Prop Artist

Claudia Gonzalez-Casales - Lead Material Artist

Kain Do - Lighting Artist

Antonio Coelho-Chester - Prop Artist

Vuk Zrnic - Prop Artist

Paulo Coutinho Lopes - Prop Artist, Material Artist

Conner Leon - Prop Artist

James Snell - Supporting Material Artist

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