Aurélien Schmitt 3D Artist (student)

Aurélien Schmitt 3D Artist (student)

Aurélien schmitt
by bluescreenboi on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey, I'm Aurelien, I'm a 3D Artist student and here are some of my works of this past year, hope you like it!

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This is a personal work I have done lately as I needed some time out of my other projects.

This image is not part of any movie but this piece gave me an opportunity to push a project farther than I am usually able to.

I wanted to work sculpting, anatomy, and composition. 

My goal is to become a character artist and this project allowed me to work on the skills I feel I needed to improve.

The project is inspired by classical art as I try to learn from it in order to improve.

This one is a little model I have made to work my cartoon characters and animal anatomy skills. It's based on the Prince from Baby 2.

This character is from another personal project I'm currently working on. It's a 30-sec long fan film.

The project is still in its early phase. 

Some render with a more "brut" lighting from my cyclo. 

The original design is from the animated series "Konosuba". The goal for me is to reinterpret a 2d design and translate it into a diferent art direction.

And this is all I have for this entry, thank you for reading the post, have a nice day !

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