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Cyd Tseng Works

Cyd Tseng Works

Cyd Tseng
by cydtseng on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey there, I'm Chen Yu, you can call me Cyd. I'm a high school graduate with a passion for CG (hobbyist).

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I have always been fascinated by the otherworldly images produced by industry artists, and inspired by the stories that their images tell. My love for narratives also draws me to do photography as a hobby, I find that in some ways or another, my choices in photography affects those made in CG and vice versa. I do not have any prior education in digital mediums and self- learnt most of what I know from platforms such the Gnomon Workshop. As I do not have a curriculum to adhere to, I am constantly experimenting with various mediums and pushing myself to do better. Below is a collection of what I feel are more presentable works that I have done. Thank you for sparing some of your time to look at them.

"Into The Sky Council" is a piece in which I sought to use a more dynamic angle of view to express the sense of free fall into a hostile territory. In this frame, a battle is about to ensue within the pillars of the Sky Council. 

"Future Relics" is a series of explorations that sought to visualize data from the conceptual into the physical. Many colors were inspired by classic Science Fiction films such as Blade Runner. I sought to express a vision of the future as an increasingly interconnected globe where all information and data are slowly merging into one single consciousness.

With war imminent, the knight receives his latest order from her Majesty...

"Moonlight Station" is a homage and study of the vintage train stations that still remain in Taiwan. The idea came to mind on a very late night when I was travelling home from class. 

Some viewport renders of the scene, one was prior to re-texturing the vending machine into something that fit into local culture, which was the HeySong beverage brand.

The City of Lapis is a practice sketch to depict something of a grand, massive scale. It was a good opportunity to play with colors and experiment with brush strokes.

A preliminary sketch of Lapis, utilising slightly darker tones and a different viewpoint.

Jinroh: The Wolf Brigade was one of the most memorable film experiences I've had as a child. Though I did not fully understand the message and the many philosophical dealings behind the film then, the striking imagery and the stunning animations left a mark in my mind. It was truly hard to forget. Growing up and reminiscing those days, I've decided to work on this piece as a tribute.

"Bloodline" is a piece where I sought to depict the bond between father and son, as they stand perched on a vantage point gazing at a looming fortress. It is up to the viewer's interpretation as to whether they have just begun their journey or are at the end of one. This was another piece inspired by a photograph taken by myself.

Talia is a ZBrush practice into applying minute details to models via re-projection and experimenting with an ornamental armour look.

A common theme I work with is familial ties. Here a mother places her hands on the shoulders of her young daughter, assuring her that "he will be home soon".

A journeyman chances upon dragons whilst crossing the lake at dawn. This piece is similarly inspired by photographs I have captured

I was eager to craft these mechanical limbs after watching Alita: Battle Angel. The name Tsuru was used here to name the project as there are imageries of cranes on the porcelain white arms.

As a big fan of Stabellarius' (Stephen Post) fantasy worlds and his fantastic use of colors, I made a tribute, remaking one of my favorite pieces within his enormous body of work. 

The Avenue is an exploration into the intricacies of Substance Designer and the possibilities of narration that could accompany it. 

Prior studies and explorations on ground textures. Observing a cracked pavement and painting acrylic on canvas. Observations also done through collection of graphite rubbings.

Ori refers to a cage in Japanese, yet means "my light" in Hebrew given names. Within this frame, this world, "Ori" is up to the viewer's interpretation with regards to its true reference and meaning.

That's all folks! Once again, thank you so much for sparing some of your time to look at my works. I hope you liked them. With that, time to get back to the grind, there's so much more worlds and stories out there for us to explore! Cyd, signing out!

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