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Building Worlds Through Concept Art

Building Worlds Through Concept Art

Louise Rodriguez
by moyairo on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, I'm a concept art student that aim to be an Art Director. My main strength is to build worlds and universes, I hope to be able to show you my skills with this entry!

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Hi, my name is Louise Rodriguez and I'm currently a student majoring in the concept art field, based in France. What I do enjoy the most is to create worlds and unique universes. I'm very interested in cultures and still learn a lot during the process of creating new concepts. 

I therefore wish to show you some of the univers, stories, characters I've invented so far, during my years of studying art.


Ylioneus is my oldest and dearest project. I've worked on it for quite a few years. 

Zionese is the given name of humans from this fantasy world. They have the particularity of having their soul splitted in two forms at birth, one takes the form of a human body while the other take the form of an animal. Both forms are influenced by the astrological (chinese and western) signs. 

If the human body is under a western astrological sign, then its "spiritual" animal form will be of the chinese astrology (vice-versa if the human body is under the chinese astrology; its animal form will therefor be under a western sign).

Even though Zionese is the main subject of this world, there is a lot of other humanoid species, such as Kikilumas and Kulamtengas. 

Both originate from the Shuuvians Island, a huge nest-like ilsand for bird people. Kikilumas and Kulamtengas are in constant separation and both discriminate the other, despite their common bird traits.

As for another subspecies from this world, here's a draft of a mermaid-like civilisation. Na'seiri.

Na'Seiri are mermaids from Ylioneus oceans. They live in nests like bees and are under a huge Na'Seiri queen.

Another similar species are the Na'Aidis, which are smaller and flashier mermaids that live in the Atlantis.

Lepis Linaes

Here's my current on going project. This one focuses mainly on character designing. It's a participative universe that anyone can join. 

Lepis Linaes is the name of a magical species that comes from the butterfly order. They're able to travel through times, worlds and dimension. Due to their ephemere lives, they've come to build their own dimensions with magic, outside of any physical dimensions. As time does not affect those realms, Lepis are now able to live eternally.

As their were able to use magic to shape anything, they came to change their appearances, little by little creatures from many worlds where able to enter their dimensions and thus Lepis bodies were influenced by those guests. Mostly humanoids, Lepis are polymorph, they can take the shape of anything.

They've come to build realms depending on their influences, relations and personalities. You can think of those dimensions like the bath house from Spirited Away by Miyazaki.

Each realm is built and managed by one Lepis called Genetris. A Lepis can become Genetris once their magical powers are fully learned.

Lepis have different life stages before becoming a Genetris: Eruka, Chrysaline and Papillon. Eruka being the youngest and less powerful.

Here's 3 other Genetris Lepis. Each of them manage different themed realms as you can see !

This species is influenced by the Geisha culture, something that I've alway been found. Lepis are female only creatures, they can mate with any other species.

Bosozoku Buraku Dangan

Here's another quick project I've created some time ago. Bosozoku Buraku Dangan is the story of a badass female biker that takes place in Japan, 2280. 

Bosozoku is a real japanese youth subculture I've been interested in. You may have seen some aspect of it, without knowing it in many mangas or japanese stories such as Akira from Katsuhiro Otomo! They're gangs of young people passionated with motorbikes tunings, often illegal.

Studies And Personal Work

I'd like to conclude this entry with some personal work and studies. 

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