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Cindy Gozali
by cindygozali and ernestgoh on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

CoKo is an Xbox and PC game for 1 or 2 players where they control 2 siblings, Coco the Cat and Koko the Bear who get lost in a forest. They must help each other to return home safely before the sun is down.

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This game is made using Unity and developed by students from MAGES Institute of Excellence (



CoKo is a couch co-op game where 1 or 2 players play as either Coco (cat) or Koko (bear) or even both! Both characters have to reach their house before the timer runs out. They have to help each other out by interacting with certain objects in order to solve puzzles that are blocking their path.

It's a cooperative type of game but can also be played by 1 person. 2 players can share 1 joystick or use a separate joystick so it will give more freedom for players.

It's a group project made by 4 people. The game reference is from Kuri Kuri Mix and Brothers, where 1 or 2 players must cooperate to solve puzzles together.

Group Members:

Leader, Designer, and Programmer - Cindy Gozali
Designer and Programmer - Ernest Goh Sze Han
Lead Programmer - Rajkumar Sai Roshan
Programmer - Francisco Julio Angkasa

Game Flow

Level Design



● A cooperative type of game but can also be played by 1 person
● 3D Co-Op Platformer game
● 1 or 2 players
● Use 1 or 2 controllers
● Reach your house before time limit
● Global high score with other players
● Save system


● 2 animals: Cat + Bear
● Siblings both playing around
● Got lost in the forest
● Have to work together
● Mission to get home


● “Yippy Kawaii” by SURIYUN

● “Spring Environment” by BRAIN box

● “Gempita” by Ach Syafii

● “Caketown- Cute/Playful” by Matthew Pablo
● “One” by pheonton
● “Happy Arcade Tune” by Przemysław Sikorski (AKA rezoner)

This game was finished in 4 weeks.

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