Caitlin McGookin

Caitlin McGookin

Caitlin McGookin
by griffie on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I'm currently studying Games Art and Design at Norwich University of the Arts. The following is a look into both my school work and personal work. I have a lot to learn but I hope you enjoy!

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University Projects

City Port

In this brief, we were asked to design a city port. I was inspired by Tudor architecture and decided to add a fantasy element in the form of large, stone body parts scattered around the city. The story behind it being that before humans settled there, a race of giants walked the land until they were petrified in an apocalyptic event. Their bodies were eventually semi-buried over time and humans simply built around them.

I explored different ways I could incorporate the petrified bodies into the city's design and found the idea of hands sticking out of the ground the most interesting. I especially liked the concept of the city being built in the palm of a hand. I produced two mood paintings of a city scene with the cathedral looming in the background.

Magic: The Gathering

I was tasked with making a couple of illustrative images for a mock M:TG card, the following are my favourite two.

Personal Work


The following work is part of a bigger project I've had for around 12 years now. The basic premise being people with demon ancestry forming an organisation to protect the Earth from demons. For this character design, I took the opportunity to research Victorian fashion from 1950-60 and found it interesting applying fantasy and gothic elements to it. 


The next project is some work based around creating a fan character inspired by Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm a fan of the franchise so I couldn't help but explore it in a character-based project, but it's entirely light-hearted and for fun.

I'm pretty sure there aren't smartphones in the Star Wars universe but it was definitely a fun characterisation exercise!

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