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Asset and tracking demo reels

Asset and tracking demo reels

Mario G Seregi
by aogami on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

3D asset build and tracking reels for personal and university projects in the past 2 years.

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3D demo reel

Helmet: University project, Responsible for design, modeling, texture, look development, lighting and rendering.

Samurai Scene: Personal project inspired by Japanese Culture. All aspects

Light Saber: University project responsible for tracking, modeling, procedural textures, lookdev.

Star Destroyer: University project, responsible for modeling, procedural textures and lookdev.

Skull: University project, Photo scan in collaboration with Julius Burton. Responsible for modeling, texture, lookdev, lighting and integration. 

3D tracking demo reel: 

Diner: Alexa mini footage (track/pan) I was responsible for taking camera information's on shoot and producing an accurate camera with the help of those details + photo scan done by Julius Burton.

Kung Fu: Alexa mini footage (dolly/boom/tilt) Practice tracking shot based on previous years university project

Landscape: Drone footage (pan/track) Due to compression and the shutter in the drone this proved to be a lot more difficult than expected. No scan was available.

Interior scene: Alexa mini footage (pan/tilt/"handheld") Responsible for tracking, match move and building a proxy for the building/weapon. Had to frame by frame animate the middle section for the weapon. 

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